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Drone Pilot Public Beta Test

Features To Date

The main features of the app are currently:

  • CAA CAP722 Abbreviation Flash Cards to support PfCO (Remote Commercial Pilot) tests in the UK
  • Xamtasia News for general UK based drone operations

The minor features of the App are:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • FAQ

Features To Come

As well as additional Flash Cards Sets, we envisage adding new features such as Flight Plan, Log Book, and Calendar support.

The app was conceived to support our other app, Drone Cloud , which is currently in Alpha testing and is designed around the Digital Asset Management needs for a single drone to a fleet of drones.

The Xamtasia News feature is designed to be commonly incorporated into all of our apps and associated websites.

Bug Reports

Please observe the test notes and known issues and send any bug reports to bugs@xamtasia.cloud

We're on the leading edge of a new technology so any assistance that you can provide to test our apps is much appreciated!

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy for this app here!

Legal Disclaimer

These apps are not warranted for any purpose or for any length of time and as this is a testing phase, please anticipate failure!

Last Edited Wed 20 March 2019