Xamtasia ™
The Kingdom in the Clouds. Come Dance in the Sky!

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Xamtasia (n) the kingdom (or place) of swarms of the imagination, from xamtastic (adj) 'having swarms of the imagination'

  1. We have concatenated the Latin root for 'xam' with the Latin root for 'fantastic' - which at the high level creates xam-fantastic - but have merged the syllables 'xam' with 'fan' to be xamtastic, and have translated that adjective to its noun, resulting with xamtasia via the following Latin route:
    1. Xam, an apheresis-apocope of the Latin word exāmen (n) swarm, tongue, consideration.
    2. Fantastic (adj) Phantasma, of which phantasmata is the nominative/accusative plural, is a name derived from the verb phantazesthai, “to become visible, appear”, itself derived from phainein, “bring to light, cause to appear, make known”. It means “apparition, phantom, vision, dream”, such things which are known to exist in the imagination.
    3. Xamtasia (n) the kingdom, or place, of swarms of the imagination.

This is no mere whim because some years ago in London, our CEO was given the name Captain Xamtastic by Chelsea Apps Factory!